Pastor Barry's Presentations

Pastor Barry presents his sermons each sunday on the for-the-people web site at 3:00 PM eastern. In addition to his weekly sermons that you can download here he tells the true story of how his daughter, Mariah, was attacked by a pack of pit bulls and her no less than miraculous, by the grace of God, recovery. Be sure to download and listen to this very touching story. You will also find his own personal testimony.

Mariah Carver God's Shining Miracle

Pastor Barry's Personal Testimony

February 24,2008 HasManChangedSinceAdam&Eve

March 2,2008 Our Valley Experiences

March 9,2008 What Does It Mean To Be Born Again

March 16,2008 The Plague Of Profanity

Who Really Crucified Christ And Why

Easter The Resurrection Of Christ

March 30,2008 A Buried Message Within The Bible

April 6,2008 Believe In What You Pray

April 13,2008 Soldiers Of God

April 27,2008 Christ Preaches Happiness

May 4,2008 Poor In Spirit

May 11,2008 Blessed Are They That Mourn

May 18,2008 Blessed are the meak

May 25,2008 Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness

June 1,2008 Blessed are the merciful

June 8,2008 Blessed are the pure in heart

June 15,2008 Blessed are the peace makers

June 22,2008 Blessed are the persacuted part1

June 29,2008 Blessed are the persacuted part2

July 6,2008 Examine your faith

July 13,2008 God's patience

July 20,2008 Lifestyle number1

July 27,2008 Lifestyle number2

August 3,2008 Lifestyle number3

August 4,2008 Lifestyle number4

August 17,2008 Lifestyle number5

August 24,2008 Lifestyle number6

September 7,2008 Unsaving faith

September 14,2008 Unsaving faith conclusion

September 21,2008 What is the church

September 28,2008 Christian warfare

October 5,2008 The christian struggle

October 12,2008 Belt of truth

October 19,2008 The cristian's breast plate

October 26,2008 Cristian shoes

November 16,2008 Shield of faith

November 23,2008 The helmet of salvation part 1

November 30,2008 The helmet of salvation part 2

December 7,2008 The sword of the spirit

December 14,2008 Praying in the spirit

December 21,2008 A gift for Christ for Christmas

December 28,2008 Are there prophets today

January 4,2009 Who is satan

January 11,2009 Christians obligations

January 18,2009 The present and future of christians

January 25,2009 God is light

February 1,2009 What are you willing to do for God

February 8,2009 Mathematical Proof of Christ

February 15,2009 Paul's Problem Child

February 22,2009 Who is this man Mathew

March 1,2009 Money or Marriage

March 15,2009 God Goes Fishing

March 22,2009 God's Promises of Healing

March 29,2009 The preacher won't have to lie

April 5,2009 Are you willing to suffer for Christ

April 12,2009 What is Easter to you

April 19,2009 How to know the will of god

May 3,2009 The season is at hand

May 24,2009 I will fear no evil

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